Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Haven't updated in about two years... NEW POST! We were at 483 moments on last count.

-The moon emote from Whatsapp. And this tumblr post.

-"The airport's a bit busy at the moment folks, so we're just going to fly around in circles for a bit."

-When Vicki text me the other day saying she'd found a page in an old notebook where I'd written 'Chidi Okpala is fantastic.'

-Trina: I think there was a king who died on the toilet from constipation?
Me: Elvis? THE King?

-Singing 'Jennifer Rush - The Power Of Love' with Craig (not my bro) in work. "'CAUSE I AM YOUR LAAAADYYYY"

-Craig's (not my bro) general obsession with Singstar. And his Jeff songs.


-The Sony security guy popping his head up through the open window right next to Carl when it was pitch black outside and giving him a heart attack.

-Call Of Duty zombies and the numerous hilarity that provided. "HE'S OUT!!" "IT'S ON ME 'EAD!" "THERE'S A BREACH! BREEEACHH!!"

-Cake Fridays.

-Me and Steph's extreme fangirling at Muse in Manchester. Screaming, screaming and more screaming. Actually embarassing. But BRILLIANT. *Dom's drumkit spins round to face us* *Steph screams and points* *Dom smiles*

-The guy with the 'inflatable' muscles in Manchester.

-"Excuse me, are you twins?"

-Steph not putting the lid back on her bottle on the coach and just being left with a plastic bag of orange juice when we were about to get off.

If you can think of anymore to add, please comment!
We are currently at 497 moments! Woo!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Apologies for the ridiculous gap in this documentation of our lives. I will now continue, so I can remember stuff years in the future, and have a little cry (with laughter!) about them like I did just now :)
Okay, so we're at 452 moments from my last count. LET'S MAKE SOME HISTORY.

-when me and Jenny were on the bus before and there was a school bus of children opposite us waving and I told Jenny to wave so she did and there was this little girl right at the back waving back with the creepiest creeper face ever.

-When we were on the train trying to explain about Michael Fassbender and Patty just wasn't getting it xD

-When we were chilling on the sand dunes and we looked up and there was a cloud shaped like a perfect 'X'.

-When Carina was in the sea and we told her to do The Little Mermaid coming out of the sea but when she did she flashed everyone because she had a strapless dress on. It was so funny, I can't even tell you!

-When we went the beach yesterday and the sand was dead hot and either Jade said "Now you know how Aladdin feels"

-DAT FASS. And everything X-Men related.

-The man, the myth, the legend that is: Troy Salazar.

-When Jade was saying she was going to play the Pirates Of The Caribbean music when she enters Carina's fancy dress party, carrying a huge flag and with an eyepatch over both eye causing me to consequently almost choke on my Tango in the middle of town.

-This gif.

-In my stats exam this morning when we were all just sitting there silently and the next minute I hear this big CRACK and I look around and the girl sitting across from me is sitting there looking shocked with a piece of ruler in each hand.

-Oh yeah! And when we were waiting for the bus home and that random old fella came up to us chatting on and me & Guyers got the giggles and then when he was gone Sean said "When he said 'Everyday' I thought he was going to say 'I'm shuffling'."

-The HUB Festival and it's various lolages:
The fork knife hybrid we dubbed 'Fife', Throwing chips at each other and one going in Carina's boot and her not realising for ages, Strutting to Stevie Wonder's 'Superstitious' like a boss, The fat-ass spider on that girl's head, Pushing each other into moshpits, Popping hoods inside out and putting various items in them, Singing the Pirates Of The Caribbean tune and finally..... EVERYDAY I'M SHUFFLING *SHUFFLES*

-When we were in town and saw a mini-tumbleweed.

-When we went to see 'Unknown' on the pictures. I think this blog I wrote pretty much sums it up so ABRA-CA-COPYNPASTE:
Steering away from Rise Against because I’m getting too overexcited, me, The Jade and The Jenny went the pictures on a sorta whim the other night and we ended up seeing The Neese in Unknown. Didn’t really know what to expect, I knew it was a thriller-type film but that was it. So we get into our seats, the place packs out, and the film starts… WHAT A BADASS TWO HOURS OR WHATEVER THAT WAS. Seriously, the amount of twists & awesomeness in that film made us all a bit giddy. I was seated beside two women who I think must have been Neese fans because all I heard throughout was “Oh no!” “Oh Liam!!” “Awh my gawd thank god the girls are okay” “awh the poor woman” “god I hate that man won’t he hurry up and die”, etc, etc. And then on my other side was Jenny who threw her hands to her face everytime something exciting/nerve-racking happened and frequently turned to me saying “Oh Jesus!”. Jade was on Jenny’s other side, but I’m guessing she too was similar to this lot, or more likely worse haha! Anyway, good film. Dunno whether that is the lack of expectation/hype talking or it was genuinely awesome, but if you like twists and general “EXCLAMATION!” moments, go see it. Like John Marston says, I implore you!

-When I was playing Uncharted 2 online one day and while we were waiting for it to load some guy was singing 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'. And another time I was running around blasting bitches with my trusty pistole (BAM!) and after I'd got some guy he was like "Killed me in one shot you did!" It was the voice he had that made it funny xD

-When Carol was talking about Jeffrey Archer in English and she kept saying "He is a shit." "He is a shit." over and over. What a crank.

-When we were translating my message in a bottle into different languages & it came out "you can contact me knee" & 'Kneen' in Italian came out 'Ginocchio'.

-This and when me & Jenny were crying about it on the bus & when I got off I wanted to do the dog's walk but didn't have the guts.

-When we were eating tea before and I bit into a tomato and it squirted right into my mum's face haha She was just eating her pizza and then it was like D: OMGWHATWASTHAT and then we all just started laughing xD Then my dad was talking about some war memorial and I remembered the tomato and started laughing again at not an exactly great moment :s haha

-When we were doing secret santa the other week and we were just sitting round talking and stuff and then, I think, Chloe went "[Gasp]! Steph! You've sat on a lollipop!!" and she stood up and there was just a big brown spludge on the couch and Steph was like "D: My chocolate lollipop!!! I was wondering where that'd gone :(" xD Turned out she had more chocolate on her than there was on the couch, which didn't look too great xD

-"Try the ketchup, motherfucker!"

-When we were waiting for the coach back to Liverpool after Linkin Park and Sean pointed out some crazy drunk mumbling to himself opposite us & he started laughing and then I did, and then Patty did, and then the drunk did! Hahaha :') And then like a few minutes later after we'd gotten over it, we glanced over and noticed the drunk had disappeared and Sean was crying "Fear for your lives!" and then we all just started off again :')

-When we were waiting for the coach to Manchester for Linkin Park & that man sneezed and for some reason Patty started laughing & it was just so contagious :')

-When Carol kept saying 'soft porn' again and again in her posh robot voice.

-In the same obituary, it said the singer wrote an autobiography called '40 Years Of Sausage, 50 Years Of Ham' and I wanted to burst out laughing but the class was silent, which made it even funnier :')

-In English when we were reading an obituary for some country singer and it said he had a song called 'Bumming Around' and the class just erupted into laughter.

-At Muse when we were in the huge merch queue and that guy pushed his way out and cried, "Easy tiger! Fight for your life!!" but only me and Steph heard him & we still laugh about it to this day :')

-(Because I just thought of it and can't find it on here) When we were on the coach in Italy driving the 4hrs to the airport and I fell asleep while listening to 'Time Is Running Out' by Muse and someone in the dream I was having said, "My child is running out!"

-When Sarah yawned the other day and made a little
"OW!" noise at the end of her yawn and it was the exact same pitch as the "OW!" Michael Jackson makes at the start of 'Don't Stop Til You Get Enough' :') and my dad was like "I thought you were doing an impression of Michael Jackson then!" and I was like "I THOUGHT THE EXACT SAME THING!" and then my dad started dancing and tears started coming down my face, as per usual. :')

-Heavy Rain.
"Agent Nahmanjayden, FBI."
Jade's impression of Nahman- "I'm lookin' for Lieutenent Cartah BLAKE."
When we all had "Heavy Raaaaaain! Ori-gami kill-er on the loose! ♫" in our heads for the entire day in Vicki's. It was a repeat of the Pokemon theme incident, I tell you.

If you can think of anymore to add, please comment!
We are currently at 483 moments! Woo!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thought it was time for a new post after the huge break in between me updating. Enjoy!
UPDATE I've changed the format of the posts. The newest RFMs will now be at the top of the post rather than, confusingly, at the bottom. I hope it's an improvement =] Lydia x

-When Becky went back for an (ILLEGAL :o) refill at the McDonalds and she looked all shifty-like.

-"Ooooh, look, the cup's moving of its own accord... OH MY GOD THE TABLE'S MELTING!!" -Carina (although we both took part in screaming "the tables melting!!")

-"My God! What have you got in your bag, Jade? Knives?!" -Me, when we were squashed into the back of Vicki's car.

-Storm's extreme-flailing-of-the-arms dance on Rock Band.

-When I was chasing Becky around Liverpool 1 because she kept singing some song about saggy boobs and I wanted to get her in a headlock/sit on her.

-"Is it Prince Clooney? Oh wait..." -Becky

-"Windgirl. The girl with wind." -Me when Jenny was trying to blow a cigarette off the steps

-"Look at that one called 'Cat Eyed Boy'. He has cats for eyes." -Me

-"So its Solid, Liquid and... Gas...?" -Jenny when we were having a conversation about MGS at dinner one time.

-When Jade said the author of one of her books was called 'Scott Weskerfield' XD

-"I'm onto you, Dempster." -Becky (to me XD)

-"Have you ever had cheese?" -Becky
"What? Of course I've had cheese!" -Me

-In maths before when Carina was putting the corniest songs that I have on my mp3 player on. I was like, "I can't believe I'm sitting here in maths listening to 'Cherry Pie'..."

-At the Rise Against gig...
"I feel really close to you guys right now. There's a pipe condensing above my head and it's dripping on me as we speak. And you know what condensation is? Yeah, that's the collective sweat of about 1000 people dripping on my head." -Tim McIlrath
"Haha... eww." -Me & everyone else

-The "I'm having a really big poo right now" face/body the Deflated Mohawk guy from Anti-Flag did.

-On the way to Blood Brothers when we were singing along to 'Tell Me lies' (or whatever its called) by Fleetwood Mac, and other 80s tunes, on the radio...
"All we need now is for Fleetwood Mac to come on." -Me
"This IS Fleetwood Mac!" -Carina
"REALLY?!" -Me

-"So hopefully that should mean there will be minimal necrophilia in the company of tramps." -gamesTM about the new game from the creators of Fahrenheit.

-"Shaaaaaaron!" -Becky's Ozzy Osbourne impression.

-Don't stand beneath the bungee! *SPLAT*

-Jenny: "Tally-ho!"

-Vicki (randomly on msn): "KILL"

Vicki Says:
"When Jenny and Jade came round to mine, I went the loo and came back in to them laughing their heads off... apparently Jenny was failing at Rock Band and Jade had shouted at her, "Your mother's a hamster and your father smells like elder berries!"
'Tis off Monty Python apparently."

-Our things to remember French adjectives:
Rigolo Gigolo
The nasty Mechant "Not enough cash! Strangah."
Tristan was sad.
Wise old Sage.
And Bruyante is noisy.

-The whole, "I'd been a naughty girl that year," thing in Vicki's yesterday. XD

-In maths...
"What's the opposite of tan?" -Miss Stanistreet.
"Tan-1." -The class.
"What's the opposite of tan?" -Me.
"What?" -Becky.
"Pale! BU-BUM-BUM-TCH! :D" -Me.
(Yes, we do go delirious often.)

-When we were playing Rock Band and I did the loudest "WOO" known to man to try and turn star power (or whatever) on and it didn't work.

-Triops and their disgusticity.

-"My pony is lame." -The French Dictionary.

-"Professor, why have people been going missing lately? This village has left me so utterly confused."
"It's quite simple, my boy. Everyone's a robot." -Prof. Layton

-"Haha, I dunno why but I just glanced up at: "But Joe! He inhabits your room!" and read it as: "But Joe! He inhabits your womb!""-Me.

-The way our conversation on msn spiralled out of control and into wrongness concerning Miles Edgeworth.
"I just thought of an equation but I'd rather not say it XD." -Vicki
"Haha, oh dear..." -Me, Jenny, Jade
"Edgey - Clothes = :D?" -Jenny
"Edgey - Clothes = THE LACK!" -Me

-"I can tell you what every person in this room is thinking: Money... Sex... Money... Sex... Cats..." -Edward, Twilight (it was so random & hilarious - especially the face the 'Cat Man' was pulling when he said it XD)

-"When you first warm me, you may notice a little moisture on my surface." -The Microwaveable Dinosaur.

-"I thought he looked more like a ninja than a diver so I cut his snorkle off." -me.

-"Vicki, here's a present I got for you back in August." -me.

-Brandon Robert Edward Archie Dillan, the Christmas Gingerbread Musical-Genius Ninja.

-Jenny 'floating' in Jade's dream.

-I am Becky's ho ho ho.

-"Can I have some Lorna Coke?" -Becky

-"If I go with you, can you come with me?" -Becky

-"Jenny, finger me!" -Becky (she was asking her to give her a chocolate finger by the way! XD)

-When we were in town and some random man got caught on Vicki's bag.
Or as Jade put it, "Vicki went Man-fishing, and caught one!" XD

-Askew singing 'Roxanne' by The Police on Rock Band.

-When me and Jade got up in front of, like, half the year to play Rock Band today.

-When we had to do 'HIV Football' this afternoon...
Me: "I can't play, I haven't got any legs."
Imaginary teacher: "So what are those things there then?"
Becky: "Spoons."

-"I like turtles."

-When we started watching Edward Scissorhands in enrichment and when 'Johnny Depp' came on the screen (in the opening credits) Becky went, "Yessss!" and the teacher just looked at her.

-In film enrichment...
Becky (to me): "Didn't you say you hated Spanish people?"
Teacher: "It's all coming out now!"

-"Excuse me honey, but it's called a noose." -Me

-"Warning." *slap*

-In film enrichment when Jenny asked, "Can we watch Finding Nemo next time?"

-Penzie and his house.

-When Becky said 'estrangled' instead of 'estranged'.

-OH MY! 400TH RANDOM MOMENT!- "But that would make sense." -Me about Grapes.

-When Becky was writing Grapes and she put, "I'll check!" said Chris, even though he wasn't in that chapter.

-When Craig said that everyone at his work are really geeky and when they saw his initials they were all amazed and said, "Oh my God! You have Clark Kent's initials!!"

-Jenny's 'Aubergine' dream and...
"Put it in then" -Lydia
"Which hole?" -Jenny
*We all burst out laughing as we realise just what has been said*
I was actually talking about a Guitar Hero guitar at the time but gosh it was funny.

-Chasm. I think the whole thing started when I said in the computer room once, "My lips feel like a chasm." ...Don't look at me like that >_>

-Cocoon Wesker. (Thanks to Vicki for reminding me! I laughed when I read your comment XD)

-"Her only downfall is she's too fond of bacon."

-In a dream I had the other night I said, "I laugh because it is funny," in a funny voice and Jenny pulled a funny face. I woke up shortly after laughing to myself about it. Strange.

-"Jason comes from East Anglia, a UK region that is very, very flat. There, he patiently sits and waits for the sea to rise and claim him."

-"Red wine tastes like vinegar thats been spewed up by a mutated puppy." -Vicki

-The 'French Duke' (as Becky liked to call him) who randomly came over to us in Liverpool One and got his picture took with us.

-In the cinema when Jenny was hiding drinks & sweets under her jacket that we'd bought from the shop across the road and just as we gave our tickets in to the man she dropped them all on the floor. I still laugh about it now XD

-"Uptown map, why do you have to be so crap?" -Me or Vicki, can't remember (Update: Thanks to a comment from Vicki we have established that it was me who said this quote :D)

-"Someone's pinched me winkles!"

-'The Bubble Concept' from Grapes.

-'Do You Want To' by Franz Ferdinand

-The Chris Tarrant picture that used to be in the old maths corridor. (16/01/09: AND IS IN THE NEW ONE!! I SEEN IT TODAY!)

-Chives, and the whole "cat with his mum's face" thing.

-"...Let's never speak of that ever again." - Parkman after Nathan ("FLYMAN!") gave him a 'lift' in Heroes the other night XD

-In PE when Michael got up and there was a big bum print on the floor from where he had been sitting XD It was a really hot day, but it was so hilarious even still.

-"It looks like a bum!" -Becky

-(Whoa, I've been really lazy what with not adding to this in about 5million months)

-When Becky pronounced 'Kamikaze' as 'Kamikameze' hahahaha

-The manga convention and Jade's reaction to it. Eheheh...

-The whole...
Lydia: "You know what I had for my breakfast today, Jenny?"
Jenny: "What?"
Lydia: "Rice."
...that I keep saying to Jenny for some reason.

-Charlie the Unicorn 2. Just watch it on youtube! Go on!!

-In ICT today when I was welling up with tears 'cause we were talking about Titanic. Jenny & Steph must of thought I was so pathetic XD

-When Becky said something about "son of rainbow" XD Can't remember exactly what but I remember it being funny.

-When Carina was going home and Becky jumped up to give her a hug and said, "I'm a beam of sunshine!"

-Juli! (that is how you spell it, right?)

-When Carina said (about Marlin off HMDS:C), "You'd have a kid with him and he'd be like, "Yeah. So what?""
The voice she did was hilarious!

-In Vicki's when I said, "One day my dad's knee snapped."

-In French on Thursday when me & Jenny were in tears because of "Congo" and "NUMBER SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIX!"

-When I was watching Becky play Clock Tower 3 the other night and we were both practically crapping ourselves scared XD. That music when that man with the hammer's about...so bad, yet SO terrifiying.

-Ages ago when we went to town and, because there's always some dude on the door at Westworld who always says "Hi", I said, "Next time I see him, I'm gonna salute him!"
However, I never actually did & Jenny got cross with me.

-Lydia: Hey Jenny, there's a unicorn!
Jenny: And there's another!
(...talking about my unicorn-covered bag on the bus XD)

-The other week when we were having a discussion about unicorns (>_>) and someone - I really can't remember whether it was Becky, Jenny, Jade or me - said, ""Why are they called Unicorns? What's corn got to do with anything? They should be called Unihorns."

-On the my birthday when we were talking about Mario for some reason and Vicki just suddenly outbursted with, "HE'S A BIG, FAT, ITALIAN PLUMBER WITH A 'TACHE...!" It wasn't so much what she said that was hilarious, but just the way she said it XD

-In maths: "This is my cuboid. This is my cube."

-The newest batch of funny words we found on thesaurus.com & my brain in ICT today: 'Heathen', 'Cretin', 'Mental Defective' (ghahaa), 'Leviticus', 'Come hither', 'Simpleton', etc

-('ve no idea whether this is on here somewhere but Steph reminded me of it today) "You're a liar, and a cheat!"

-On my birthday when Becky discovered the 'deflated' cactus.
UPDATE: It turns out that, according to my mother, the cactus was in fact drowned XD

-Locke - "It was Walt - only taller."
Sawyer - "WALT? Only taller? What, like a giant?!"
(sorry for double Lost RFM, but it's too funny a show XD)

-In Lost last night when Jack went, "Locke's blown up every chance we've had to get off this island!" and I instantly started laughing because it reminded me of that 'The Badass Adventures of John Locke, Thus Far' (or whatever) comic on devart. Damn, I gotta go read that now!!

-"It's a gift. And a curse." - Monk (hahaha)

The other day in ICT when me and Jenny went insane and I put the word 'fun' into thesaurus.com and we thought some of the words were hilarious. Buffonery. Tomfoolery. Hoopla. Boffo (cracks me up every time). "Teeering."

-"I bet you couldn't sleep until you finished it. It just kept beckoning you... "Don't you love me...?"" Hahaha, the subtleness...(and for future reference for Lydia: Portal.)

-Becky's opera voice that she goes into for singing 'Bring Me to Life' on Singstar.

-The video version of Chapter 19 of Grapes. We used Barbies for the people and Becky's voice acting was just so bored-sounding and toneless - it was freakin' hilarious! "Vicki...WHY"

-"Miss, I've got this pen WITH MANY COLOURS! May I use it, miss?": Carina. Miss Dury must think you're a right loon Carina XD

-Michael Lee: "Whoa, what were you doing then?!"
Becky: "Scratching my arm, why?"
Michael Lee: "I thought you were trying to start a fire or something."
(hahaha, me & Jenny love this)

-"Mneh meh meh Meh!": Jenny's 'poo noise'. She randomly came out with it in science the other day (the noise, not the poo >_>)

-When I was playing on online co-op with someone on GH3 the other week and because I was a host I wanted to be guitar rather than bass so when some hooligan picks guitar and then expert difficulty, me & Craig decide it's time to teach them a lesson. So we pick Cliffs of Dover (one of the hardest songs) and they fail INSTANTLY. OH SWEET REVENGE!!

-Ages ago when we were in Worlds Apart and Vicki's mum just happened to be buying something in there and when I saw her I just pointed and screamed, "IT'S VICKI'S MUM!!"

-Seagull blood + human blood = ...flying unicorns?

XD Jenny'll understand.

-In geography yesterday when we were doing this sheet about migration and we had to say whether certain statements about a dude called Joey were something that made him want to stay at home or move. The funny part was the one that said, "He can handle a shotgun with ease." So random. So hilarious.

-When Jenny was saying she was going to smash Carina's pumpkin up outside her house and Carina said, "Yeah, well, we put it inside...because we like to eat it....raw....WITH THE SKIN ON!"


-Today in Wetherspoons when the group of people sitting on the table behind us randomly started singing Disney songs [giggle]. We were just sitting there, and the next thing we heard was, "...PHILOSPOHY! HAKUNA MATATA!!" followed by that song out of Aladdin that goes, "Prince Ali Fabulousee Ali-A-Barb-Wah!". It was hilarious to hear these 20+year old lads singing, and they knew all the words! Haha!

-"Come shake hands with a pregnant male!"...don't worry, he was talking about seahorses.

-My dads *ahem* 'Impression' of Nathan Petrelli (or however you spell that darn name) offa' Heroes. Ohemgee, it's just plain weird. But funny. For us, anyway.

-In IT yesterday when me and Jenny were in stitches over...seahorses. Oh yes.

-BeanManWizardGuy. The Legend.

-In geography when I was crying with laughter over the phrase "cotton-picking". It's funny when you find something not funny absolutely hilarious.

-This morning in form when we were doing that crap work book thing and we were doing a page on 'responsibilities children should have' and on one question you had to give some punishments you'd give your child if you were a parent. On the next page they listed some examples, one being "Give them a good slapping." Hahahaha, that made my day that did!

-The scary ginger man who was stalking us. Holy cow, it was terrifying. We ran into the library to try and lose him but he carried on following us & talking to us so we tried to hide behind bookcases but that didn't work either! I'm telling you, I'd never been so scared in my life! XD. In the end we just legged it out of there and didn't look back. [shakes head]


-On Saturday when we all got chased out of the gardens by the police. We could have gotten arrested! Seriously! And for what?!

-When I was just talking to Vicki & Becky in town and the next minute, something hard hit me on the throat. At first I was just like, "What the..?" but later on I discovered that some random scally had thrown a PEANUT M&M AT ME!!! WHY'S THE WORLD SO CRUEL?!

-When we were in Vicki's and that huge spider was on her bedroom wall so we all ran out and because Vicki's dog Max was sitting at the top of the stairs, and she's afraid of both spiders AND dogs, Carina was kind of just cowering in the corner crying, "I'm trapped!"

-The way I can't help but burst out laughing when someone mentions the Shadow Hearts battle music. "Ooo-ooh!"

-When we were trying to work out how to put what 'happens' in chapter 11 of Grapes into words. ;P

-When we were in Jade's last playing Black & White 2 and Becky was lying on the floor with stomach ache and when Jade asked, "What should we call our game save?", Becky answered, "Tummy bug."

-Today in maths when me and Becky were laughing at the "I'm the leprechaun!" bit off Wayne's World 2.

-When me and Sarah were doing meerkat poses. In a pub. For some reason.

-When we had to fill in those questionnaires after the trip to Palma and you had to think of words to describe the tour guide and Sarah went, "...Legend." And wrote it on XD.

-Our Palma tour guide Juan and all his amazingness. Classic Juan moments:
The way he always said "...you know" at the end of sentences.
The way he said 'Palma'. Not the way we say it ('Parma') but literally 'Pal-ma'. Hehe, it was funny.
When he said, "And then we're going to go down to the harbour and go boat shopping. You buy two, you get discount." (XD so cheesy but great)
When we were driving past the harbour and he spotted a fancy new boat he hadn't seen before and said randomly, "Hello Blue [can't remember the name], my name is Juan."
On the way home and he whispered into the mic, "Hello?" and at first we were all like "Huh?" but then he said, "I know it's siesta time so I have to be quiet."
I'm telling ya, if you ever go to Majorca go on a 'No Frills' excursion and you might see him!

-Lydia - "I'm not falling for this one!"
Vicki - "For what one?"
Lydia - "The fat milkman one."
Vicki - "You're not falling for Jackson?!"
Lydia - "I'm not too sure!"
Vicki - "Well he needs an answer!"
Lydia - "Tell him I've gone out for soup."
Vicki - "I shall."
Lydia - "Well, that's sorted out."
Vicki - "Yes, but you can't be out for soup forever."
Lydia - "Damn! My plan has been foiled!"

-Uncle John: "She's a mormon(sp?) isn't she?"
Lydia: "What's a mormon again?"
Mum: "They don't drill...I mean...drin..."
Sarah: "They don't drill?! Crazy fools!"

-Vicki: "Many."
Becky: "How many?"
Vicki: "Many many."

-(To understand this, you must know my dad is called John *wink*) Just then when my mum said something to my nan like, "You're late, John's here before you" and my dad went, "John's here?!" and my mum was like "...yeah, your name is John." It was one of those 'head-in-hands-and-chuckle' moments. Actually, now that I think about it my dad probably thought my mum meant my Uncle John, but it was still funny.


-Vicki's most recent dream. (That's all your getting Vicki, the people of the internets do not need to be traumatized by it XD)

-'"No," a mysterious voice echoed from the darkness. It sounded like it came from the Netherlands.'

-When we were writing more of the Leon story yesterday and we needed a name that Steve would call Vicki and I said 'my Queen of the Netherworld' but Becky thought I said ' my Queen of the Netherlands'. In the end it was just 'my Queen'. I say we should of gone with the Netherlands.

-GTO (...pfft!)

-When Silent Hill had just finished and Becky was saying, "It wouldn't be too bad in a different dimension though. I mean, you could get all the latest games for free. Hey! And you could just steal a PS3!!"
XD Honestly...

-Lydia: "I dunno, isn't he just a Yoda species?"
Becky: "YO-DA!"
Lydia: "...Eh?"
Becky: "You just said 'Yoga species' didnt you?"
Lydia: *starts laughing* "No, I said 'Yoda species', and then you randomly shouted 'YO-DA!"
Yeah, I'm aware it doesn't sound very funny here, but it was hilarious. =D

-In Jade's when we kept listening to the 'Make a Man Out of You' song off Mulan. You can not say it's not AWESOME! Haha, and the Jackie Chan version....SWEAT MOLE!! It was actually like that time in Vicki's when we had the Pokemon tune in our heads 'cause it was like you forgot about it & then someone would just sing a line of it, in this case "...mysterious as the dark side of the MOOOON!", and IT HAD RETURNED TO PLAGUE YOUR BRAIN!!!

-When I was on the GameFAQs message board just then and someones sig was:
"Miiiikke!!!" -Leon, Resident Evil 4 (heh heh heh)

When me, Abby, Aimee and Robyn were on the bus, and Abby just lifted her hand up, and there was a flying ant on her finger, and she just went "AARGGH!", shook her hand, and then it landed on my jeans, and I just flicked it away. All Abby would say for the next 10 minutes was "Why would you just sit on somebody's finger?!"

-The dream I had last night - I can't actually remember much of it apart from being in some type of bar/pub/thing & this man was going round to different people with a microphone making them say stuff that got played out for the whole bar to hear. The next minute Becky & Carina were there and Carina said they'd do karaoke, lol. The strange part is they started singing that song that goes "I was walking in Memphis (sp?), walk-ing in Mem-phis!....I saw the ghost of Elvis..." and so on, but Becky didn't know it so she just kinda hummed along. XD crazy.

-"I was sitting in the park one day wondering why frisbees get bigger as they get closer, then it hit me.."

When me and Aimee were talking about typos, and she told me about when she said this to her mate.....

" *Aimz* Princess from Hell says:
lol mine was the worst the other day when i was tlking to rachael. i managed to make harry potter 'horny patter' "
XD I was in hysterics over that.

-Our new chapters of the Leon story. I can't help but start laughing uncontrollably at the words, "Hello little Kitty!" ;D

-"Oh my God, I thought that said 'Man-eating breasts' on the board! Not 'beasts'!"

-When Jenny said, "I LIKE IT" when a certain teacher was walking past (lol, look below). Haha, don't worry she didn't actually mean him, it was just a sickeningly-funny coinquidink.

-Mr Timmis (sp?), our physics teacher talking about electric circuits: "What are Transformers?...No, not robots in disguise."
XD Just the way he said it, awh it was hilarious.

-Our 'Emo' poems. ("The crow doth screech, the night was dark..." I didn't even know what 'doth' means! Or if it's even a word come to think of it.)

-(Geez, I can't believe I forgot about this) When we in the queue in Starbucks and Jade was looking at the butties on the little counter thing and she leant forward, thinking there was glass there, and nearly fell into the counter XD

-The space toilet in Science today. ("CHARLIE!")

-When Becky gets bored and goes insane (or 'unsane' as she put it). For example she just said on MSN:
Becky!!! says:
span of the biological degapilol 22 and spawn of god himself
Becky!!! says:
came forth today to chop off our heads and serve them
Becky!!! says:
to people on shiny silverware and eat it like
Don't even ask me. I have no idea.

-Our pet rocks, heh. (and I don't mean that, say, our 'dog rocks' - I mean literally a rock, which is our pet...)

300TH RANDOM MOMENT!!! -When Becky sang "Make Vaan!...yoooouuurrr goooal." (use 'The Power of Love' tune)

-On the way home from school before when it was raining and Rachel shook the branches of the tree me & Becky were walking under and soaked us. We did get our ownback though XD.

-When Becky had the Evanescence version of 'Thoughtless' in her head for 3 days straight...subsequently leaving it in my head for 3 days also...

-The little silhouette man that I couldn't stop laughing at in Geography that time. Put in 'victory' in Clipart and you'll know it when you see it. It's too fantastic :)

-When I showed Becky the 'Yuna's Dream' scene and I was telling her to look out for the big gay zoom in on Tidus but when it came on it was a BAZILLION times more hilarious than the first time I saw it XD. Oh my God...my face hurt after laughing so bad. Wanna see it? (yes! of course we screenshot'd it!) go >here<, or for the full experience put in 'Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna's Dream' on youtube. =D

-From the Vicki-ster: "When I had to get a taxi to the hospital, and 'I Got You Babe' by Sonny & Cher was on. Then 'Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me' by Elton John came on." 'Can imagine it...

-When I was drawing a mini picture of Vaan on my test in maths and at first I drew him with big buck teeth but after Becky saying it looked like a neck I turned it into a neck. This sparked Becky to say, "He's got a toothy neck!" XD (argh, too muck 'neck'iness!"

-The way I keep saying, "I hope they burn in the fires of creation!" about people I don't like.

-When the PS2 was on yesterday when my little 5 year old cousin came round and while I was fighting a boss one of the characters said something and Erin goes, "What did they just say? It sounded like 'Gayo'." Hehehe, it just reminded me of 'El Gayo'.

-When me and Rachel were walking down the aisle in the bus to get off but because it was dead bumpy we nearly fell over hehe.

-When we got to the bus stop and as I was walking past a pidgeon flew out and nearly went into me. God, I shook proper violently. It scared the living daylights outta me.

-When we were walking along past an Irish pub and The Pogues was on so I said "It's The Pogues!" but took a step back and fell down a kind-of hole in the pavement.

-When we were in GAME and I just looked up at the screens and went, "Hey, there's Luneth!"

-When Jade blew a kiss to the Balthier figurine and said "Bye!". Vicki said the man on the till just stared at her haha.

-When Becky used her amazingly sneaky private-investigator skills to take a picture of the boy Vicki fancied.

- When we were in Gamestation and Becky spotted a Vaan figurine XD. The shop was practically empty when she screamed, "OMG! VAAN FIGURINE!!". And then when we all started laughing our heads off the man on the counter thought we were pointing at him and it was just like 'shame'. Next thing, we go over for a closer look and Jade spots Balthier. Jeezus, she had her camera phone out faster than the speed of light to take a picture of it lol. Then we left but Jade decides she wants a picture of Vaan too so goes back inside. And then 'cause we were kinda following this lad Vicki liked (who went into Gamestation) they went in for like the third time in the space of 5 minutes. That man working on the counter must of thought we were loons. *shakes head*...

-When Vicki sent Jade, Jenny & Rachel into the scariest part of Quiggins saying the 'Hello Kitty' shop was in that direction hah XD

-When we were in the foodcourt and Vicki spotted Munch off 'Two Pints of Lager...'(or someone who looks like him) and they were trying to get a picture lol.

-"Do you say 'Lloyds' or 'L-loyds'?" :Becky (Best. Quote. Evar.)

- A while ago in Vicki's when I knocked my foot on the corner of her desk and just keeled over on the bed screaming, "THE PAIN!"

-The other night when I was playing Shadow Of The Colossus and I felt really sly killing the poor sod. It was so cuddly!

-'Chinny Binny'.

-Last night when I was watching the last 2 episodes of Lost and I kept laughing with the stupendousness of it all. I also frequently shouted "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" and "Wha?".

-Mine & Beckys salute which is actually wiping the sweat off of our 'fods and whipping it onto the floor. Ah, the summertime...

-The little smiling policeman in English.

-"I never miss." :Balthier

-When me & Becky were walking home just then & I went hyper and we started singing 'I Got You Babe'.

-Me: "I wanna be a pirate when I grow up!" Becky: "No! You're not allowed!"

-When Becky was eating chips and rubbing them on the plate & she said it makes them taste better. We were just like, "What? You like the taste of plate?"

-"Message in a bo-ttle....*falls over bottle* Whoa! There really WAS a bottle!" :Becky

-The other day on the way home from school when we found that doll and were in hysterics after throwing it in the road & watching it get ran over. Multiple times.

-The disturbing dream that Jade had about FF that ALSO still traumatizes me to this day (I wrote about it shortly at the bottom of the last post but whatever). It involved Vaan falling into the punch bowl (and soaking Vaan, haha), herself & Balthier (*rolls eyes*), and us all in twos scarily. Becky & Vaan, Jenny & Kuja & Zidane, Jade & Balthier (as mentioned before), Rachel & Barret, Vicki & Larsa (anyone else think he was a woman when you first saw him?) and I was with Auron at first (how dare she shame his awesomeness!?) but then got 'bored' apparantly and went with Tidus. Oh my God. That girl frightens me. Bad style. The rest will not be shared with the world. Thank you.

-The disturbing dream that Vicki had that still traumatizes me to this day. It involved trees, Glass Walls of Doom, herself and Gerard Way. Herself and Gerard being *ahem* together (and don't get any ideas, it was all harmless - yet still extremely disturbing to me).

I'm sure there loads more random moments that make me laugh but I cant think of them at the mo so thats it for now! (heh heh heh)
Plus, if any of my buds or toasties know anything to add - make a comment! My mind always goes blank when I'm typing stuff up!
Thankies in advance x

NOTE: The counter thingys (e.g. 100th random moment) are probably not exact. They are just approximate.
We are currently at 452 moments! Woo!

Monday, October 02, 2006

The reason for this new post is that the other is simply too big and my PC can't handle loading it up every time I want to edit it. I messed up the html on it anyway I think so...there you go. And just incase you'd like to know at the start of this post we were at approx. 187 posts! WOOPEE!!!

-When Kyle went to Vicki in Phones4u "I like your shirt, it's great!" We think he was American by the way...

-When Vicki said we'll call the other man in Phones4u Steve and it turned out his name really was Steve! Shocking or what?!

-"D'ya reckon using the power of the mind I can simulate a chair?"

-When Vicki went (or at least something like it) "I'm freezing cold and I'm gonna die" Hehe, it was just the way she said it that made me laugh.

-All the strange people that went past us when we were sheltering from the rain. There was the scary "heheheh" woman, the man that did a big leap over the puddle, the woman that went...well I can't describe it but it was hilarious, the gay man who went "Ooooh you [BEEP]!", the woman on the phone who said "he's just been with another woman again", and I think that's it but if I think of anymore I'll add them.

-When Steve went to Vicki "You were dry a minute ago" because we were soaked from being in the rain. Hehe.

-TROGDOR the BURNiNATOR!!!!! "Burninating the countryside, burninating the peasants, burninating all the peoples in the THATCHED ROOF COTTAGEEEESSS!.....THATCHED ROOF COTTAGEEESSS!!!"

-This morning when I'd finished my Crunchy Nuts and I went to put the bowl in the fridge. I don't even know how it happened lol.

-The other night when my dad was watching something about the ArchBishop of Canterbury or something (SUPER snore) and I said he had funny eyebrows (trust me, they are funny). Then later on my dad said "He looks like that one out of Lord of the Rings. Y'know...erm...Bob Geldof or whatever his name was". Incase you didn't realise he was talking about Gandalf (sigh) and when I went "Dya mean Gandalf?" My mum & dad couldn't hear me properly so it turned into a type of argument thing all about flippin' Gandalf eyebrows!! My mum was going, "Was it Gandolf?" and I'm shouting "DAL!!! IT'S DAL!!" but my mum takes it the wrong way and and thought he was called Gandal >_<......it was a long night......(geez louise, man alive! This RFM is humongous!!!)

-Last night when me & Craig were watching the Mighty Boosh coz we were bored ('Electro' incase you were interested) and I said I liked the Jungle episode with the cheese man and we both started singing "Cheese is a kind of beef, a tasty yellow treat!" hehehe...it was a beautiful moment.

-Ages ago in Biology when I said to Vicki "I've got Biology (by Girls Aloud) in my head" It was just silliness...

-When Vicki was playing Silent Hill 4: The Room and Steph said "Silent Hill 4: The Corridor In Which The Room Is Attached." lol


200TH RANDOM MOMENT!!! -Last night when mum kept nearly knocking the glass of wine on the floor. Heh, she did it at least 3 times.

-The Metal Gear Solid cartoons on DeviantART. I haven't actually played the games (just watched our Craig) but man, they're funny.

-The big blue bike helmet that my dad had years and years ago. It was just like a huge lump of polystyrene that sat on the top of your head like a mushroom! He looked like Toad out of Mario come to think of it...hahaha!

-Yesterday when me & my mates got on the 14 bus to go home but we didn't know there were a few 14 bus's going to different places....we'd got on the bus to Runcorn! Omg, if that man hadn't of told us we were on the wrong bus I don't know what would have happened. Geez, it was scary. We got as far as Aintree or something...

-"I haven't seen so much melted cheese since I left my Billy Joel albums out in the sun!" XD cracks me up...

-When I was talking to Chloe on msn about Blackpool fair and I meant to say "You can see the boss shows tho" but I typed "You can see the boss shoes tho" by accident! Hahaha....priceless....

-The Plant Pot Man - complete with 'tash!!!!...classic times...*^_^*

-When I was playing House of the Dead III last night and I was fighting the big security guard boss (...stupid piece of crap..) and I proper shouted "DAMN YOU!!! DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!" coz it was doin' my head in and then Craig just walked in. Cringe & sigh.

-"She's not a diva!!! She's got big hair!!!" -Vicki

-Ages ago in music when Becky was in hysterics over some random lad and then she said "Hehehehe!!!! His shoes!!!! *points*". ...Deary me....

-When we play Singstar and we call ourselves funny names like 'Cheese', 'Feet', 'Albert (Wesker)', 'Mike (Res. Evil 4)', 'Henry (Silent Hill 4)' & when we went through a phase of calling ourselves after people outta Jak X and it would come up with like 'Razer' & someone out of Resident Evil like 'Leon' or something. Hehe.

-"Hey look, it's a shifty lookin' guy in a grey suit."

-Yesterday in Llangollen when Janet (my uncles girlfriend) was trying to get these two conkers off this tree for ages & when she finally got them she opened hers and proper shouted "IT'S A DOUBLE ONE!!!!!".....Made me laugh....

"One man,
One dream,
One walking stick,
One more hill..."

-Yesterday when we couldn't find our after school lesson thing so just sat in Miss Adam's room and made our own board game. Lol it was called 'Old Man Leon' and I was Henry & Tony Harrison, Vicki was Steve & Oddler Saddler & Jenny was Rudy & Blue Riband. Hehehe, we even made a sign saying "OLD MAN LEON IS WATCHING!"

-When I was making the counters for our board game & Vicki had been eating a Blue Riband, or talking about them, so instead of writing 'Tony Harrison' I started writing 'Blue Riband'! It was hilarious.

-The other day at lunch when Rachel couldn't say 'Ribena' and was saying all 'Ribana' and all this. The best was 'Ribaba' XD

-Today when Becky called me gay & the first thing that popped into my head was "Yeah, well you're the son of a preacher man!" (...it was in my head...) and then we started calling people "You gay son of a preacher man!" 'Twas funny in a strange manner....

-When I went to Vicki: "Vicki you bean!"

-The stupid PURPLE labcoats we have to wear in science...grrr...

-The 'MAN!' on the 'Call Me When You're Sober' Evanescence video.

-When I sang/said "I am a box!" when it was a fire bell.

-When Natalie went to Mr Bates "Bless you".

-After I'd finished doing a big stressful part on Fahrenheit and Craig went to me "You look traumatized." Just tickled me.

-"Oooh...stuffed owl..." -Lucas

-The big pipe by the CDT rooms in school that I push my mates into everytime we go past. Vicki knows what I'm up to now though ='( Ahh well, it's still one legendary pipe *bows down*

-The other night in my uncles when he had put some music on in the background and 'I don't like cricket' (Bob Fossil randomly dances to it in The Mighty Boosh) came on. Hehehe, it was funny.

-When stupid Mr Marty Bates kept shouting "FACE THE GRASS!" and "DON'T LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT THE GRASS!" at us during the firebell.

-The way we keep singing Charlene to Jenny to annoy her. Heh.

-When Vicki told me that the man off the new Evanescence video is called Oliver Goodwill. What she does to get this information I'll never know....
Ooh, I've gotta go change the R.F.M. up the page because now we know his name! W00T!!

-When I was looking at my manky, infected toe and the next minute I was screaming, "EEE! THERE'S PUS COMING OUT OF MY TOE! MAKE IT STOP!!!!" I know you may not have wanted to know that but it makes me laugh.

-In town when this random group of people were singing that "33 bottles of beer on the wall, 33 bottles of beer!...." song and they were only at like 86 bottles of beer and I went to mum "Dya reckon they'll ever get to zero?". I can just imagine them being there for hours singing it! XD

-Last night when me & my dad were watching '50 Greatest Power Ballads' or somethin on the music channel and Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart was no.1 and I proper shouted "IT'S BONNIE TYLER!!!!" when the video started. Hehe.


-Vicki aka 'Bagella the Baginator'.

-Ages ago when my mates came to my house and it'd been raining so we'd all took are soaking-wet school jumpers off and left them in my room. When we were eating tea though, I think it was Steph, asked, "Do you have two jumpers?" and I was like "wha?" and then we all looked out of the window and there was like 3 jumpers on the washing line and someone shouted "There's 3 out there!!!" (I think Vicki had left her's on) and it was just hilarious. Turned out my mum had hung all our jumpers out there to dry, lol.

-Yesterday when we went to York and me and Lou got stuck in our seats because of our seat belts and we had to get the man (evil Bob) to cut us out with a pen-knife. It really hurt when my mum was trying to pull me out, my leg was bright red afterwards! hehe.

-Vicki the Bean
Becky the Dude
Lydia the Box
Steph the Basket
Jenny the Gay Son of a Preacher Man
Jade the M00fin
And if there's anyone else.....sorry

-The videos me, Vicki & Becky made in mine last week.

-The other week when me & my mum were trying all the different flavours of Jelly Belly jelly-beans that our Craig had got from Las Vegas. All I say is: Do not try the brown ones...


Today in Science when people kept asking the date and I kept saying it was 2007 to try & trick them and it was me who ended up writing 2007 in the end!

-The scary face Mr O pulls.

-"Your weapons are no match for ours! People of Mars, surrender!"
"Um, this isn't Mars. This is Earth."
"Earth? Earth-with-nuclear-weapons Earth?"
[Long pause] "Friends!"

-The other week when Vicki said, "I'm gonna put my new gloves on now." and I went, "You will."

-"Forward, not back ward! Upward, not downward! And always twriling, twirling, TWIRLING toward freedom!"

-Psychonauts. Does it really need an explanation?

-The 'Pretty Boy Leon' club on DeviantArt. I almost died when I found it.

-When I accidently glove-slapped a teacher.

-The other day, on the way to the carol thing in church with school, when I went "Where's Smithy?" (aka Mr Smith, who we had with us for the day) dead loud and he was right behind me.

250th RANDOM MOMENT!!! -www.wiihaveaproblem.com
Who would of known how many incidents can be cause by the Wii...amazes me it does. (Thanks to Guyers for giving me the link)

-When we were playing on the karaoke machine the other day and when we were singing 'Don't you want me baby?' (or whatever it's called), we said the line "Don't, don't you want me?" dead posh and it sounded hilarious.

-When I made that spooky music using the echo thing on the karaoke machine. Becky & Vicki recorded it on their phones and we said we'd sit in the back room in the dark and play the music. Hehe, it was scary.

-On Christmas, when we were opening are presents, someone had knocked the PS2 on somehow and Craig just said, loud enough for people to hear, "Someone's turned the Playstation on" and then he said it again a tad louder, "Hey! Someone's turned the Playstation on!!". It was just funny coz it was stupid XD.

-When we were playing Cluedo at Christmas and my uncle said he was hungry or something and my mum said, "You can have a turkey butty if you want" and then a few moments later she said, "...but we don't have any bread". We all just looked at each other and started laughing coz she hadn't even noticed what she'd just said!

-"BIG MISTAKE!!!!!" boy.

-Today in the canteen when we were talking about Dr Zoidberg and Jade's brother but the two conversation got mixed up and it was hilarious.
Steph: "Does your brother study insects?"
Jade: "No, he's a lobster isn't he?"

-Vicki: "I'm just sitting here like some kind of...corner mule or something."

-A couple of weeks ago when me & Jenny were walking across the yard & it was dead sunny, the light was shining on the science block (I just got blinded myself) so I turned to Jenny and said "Hey look over there." She looked towards the science block and ended up blind for like the next hour XD. Some people might call it cruel but I couldn't resist...

-Yesterday when Jenny was telling me that everyone in her sisters town on Animal Crossing is saying 'TROGDOR!'. And its all my fault, hehe.
The Trogdor strikes again!

-The fact I'm sitting here right now with Abba blasting out. My mum put it on the record player and just abandoned me.

-The scene on Final Fantasy X where Yuna & Tidus are 'laughing'. It was so corny it was hilarious.
"o.O" - the group
"...what?" - Tidus & Yuna
"Nothing. We just thought you'd gone crazy for a minute there." - Wakka

^_^ God bless you Wakka, my little spikey orange-haired friend...

-Link's lack of clothes! And the way me & Vicki continue that sentence: I end it with "...is win!" and Vicki ends it with "...turns me on!" XD Yeah, yeah Vicki, you can say you were messing all you want...mweh heh heh!


-The way you pronounce 'Tidus' as 'Teedus'. Heh, cracks me up.

-"My God! He's turning into a goth!", my dad during Spidey-man 3.

-Jade's dream. I say nothing more for the world is better off not knowing.

-"I'm stiiiiiiilllllll, in a dreeeeeeam! SNAKE EEEEEATER!"

-My someone-stole-my-Subway-sandwich dream.

-When Becky told Jade that Balthier might die & she got all sad. Awh XD.

-The Hell Toilet in Boulogne.

I'm sure there loads more random moments that make me laugh but I cant think of them at the mo so thats it for now! (heh heh heh)
Plus, if any of my buds or toasties know anything to add - make a comment! My mind always goes blank when I'm typing stuff up!
Thankies in advance x

NOTE: The counter thingys (e.g. 100th random moment) are probably not exact because counting all of that is pretty tough. They are just approximate.
We are currently at 269 moments! Woo!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Thought I'd just copy this from my piczo (grrr) site, coz I dont go on that anymore & I really wanna carry this on.

-When we were in Vicki's the other day and I just looked down & there was a PS2 on my lap & I just went "ooo..someones just thrown a PS2 at me..."

-when Vicki was just like holdin Becky's singstar mic and the top fell off (we wer in stitches lol)

-when Becky thought up the whole 'Nana Moon Rhapsody' song

-in Juniors when we kept goin to Heather for no real reason "oh Heather you great dane!"

-when I went hyper in art one time and just started singin out o' the blue "livin on a prayer"

-in juniors when we kept callin Antony 'Tarzan'

-the whole 'Jeremy Giraffe' thing

-when i drew Alf on Carina's 'sling'

-when i fell down the side of the bed on top of Becky in Vicki's and we got stuck (very painful....for becky...)

-Jackie Chan bein Steph's brother

-"how does he get that sheen in his hair?...i must know"

-Razer (thats all I'm sayin, lol)

-when we were obsessed with cheese & mice in juniors for no apparant reason (nibble, heh)

-when Craig was trying to sort my (broken) memory card out and I went, by mistake, "Its gone all fonny!!"

-when me and craig where gettin a drink & craig just clinked his teeth on the glass & we just started cryin with laughter

-"no one beats me in the kitchen"

-i was just sittin on the couch one time and just started laffin for absolutly no reason (& then i got craig goin lol)

-the 'jaks wheels' song

-when me and chloe just start singin 'Sheila's wheels' on the way to skool

-when i sing Bohemian Rhapsody out of nowhere

-"WOOOOH! i need one o' those!!! Where'd ya get it????"

-when becky was singin 'these words' on singstar and sang "exposee" by mistake


-Ramon Salazar (cant say nothin more)

-when me and becky wrote 'SIG!!' on our cooking ingrediant thingys


-when me & Craig were watchin Lost in Translation and we just just did not hav a clue what was goin on! (if anyone does know what that films about please send the answer on a stamped addressed envelope, heh)

-in Steph's when I was runnin round, Leon-style ;-), with a plastic drill in my hand sayin "follow me" (absolutley insane ano) omg and the toy chainsaw as well!...how could i forget...lol


-the whole "do you like peas?" incident on habbo
("how dare you say that in my presence!?" hehe!)

-when Becky sent me Razer ("how did you survive?") & "how does he get that sheen..." in french

-When me & Chloe were on the way to skool and Chloe just started singing that Green Day song 'wake me up when september ends' and then she tripped up in the middle of singin and went "wake me up when September OOF!!"

-On the way to skool one time we were just walking down the road and I turned round and just saw Chloe with her leg all tangled up in her PE bag (or whateva it was) and with this "wha just happened?" look on her face!

-When we were in science the other day & Becky nearly (well she sorta did, lol) fell off her stool.

-When me & Steph were trying to do the Mr Bean voice in french

-When we gave Jennie Sigs & Leons 'house number' (heh heh heh)

-Joe Mangel (aka The Mangel)

-Vicki's Sausage & Egg McMuffin

-the other day in Science when Steph was talkin to me and then Mr Jones went ".......er......well I cant exactly remember what he said but when Steph answered 'Yeh' back I thought it was hilarious

-When Jade put "It's ded sad when Steve dies" on Vicki's quiz

-Our holocaust stories in R.E (RAAAAAALLLLLPPPPPPHHHHHH!!!!! *cries*) :-D

-when Reginald (heh) was sharpening the pencil (classic moment, you just shoulda seen his face...)

-When Donna said "Ramon's 3ft!" (laughs) and she didnt even know who it was and we hadn't told her

-on the way home when me, steph, becky & rach were waving at basically any random car that came by (the ones indicating mostly tho)....dont ask

-when I was going to people on msn "thats my grandad!" and showin them this picture of some random old guy i found on google (haha) and then I was sayin to charlie that he rides a unicycle & everythin! (if charlie's readin this.....er.....it really is my grandad! *shifty eyes*)

-when my mum said 'left luggage' the other week and I thought she said 'fluggage'...just tickled me...

-when I kept asking Carina, "Where's your cactus?"

50th RANDOM MOMENT!!!-my story I made up in I.T about Farmer Leon, his son Steve and Emporer Xizzle. Hehe, if you wanna see the movie of it, 'The Seed of Destiny - Beware the CornFields' get in touch and I'll send you the link ;-]

-The Chronicles of Leon: Part 1 & 2 (©Luis Sera Inc.) heh

-When we were singin 'Leon' on singstar instead of 'Rio'

-When I was showin Vicki the Resident Evil 4 scenes and we found that picture of Leon's face, heh heh

-Ages ago when Reginald said "CHEWIE!!!"

-When we were in town the other day and we going to get the bus and Vicki said "wonder what it feels like to ber ran over by a bus" (for some reason... =] ). Then when we wer crossing the road a bus came and nearly ran us over but instead of just running (like I did..) she went "we're gonna find out!" and it was just hilarious, lol.

-When Craig was on World of Warcraft last nite & he kept making the man tell jokes...and pretend to be a train...>_>...Ha, it was hilarious! I cant really remember what the joke went like but it was something like, 'a man came up to me and said, "I'm a wigwam, I'm a teepee (dont know how to spell it sorry), I'm a wigwam, I'm a teepee." So I said to him "relax man, your too tents!" ' heh. I still laugh about it now. The way he says 'wigwam' =] There was another one that said 'get me some chapstick & put it on my bill' or something at the end & that was funny too but the wigwam one was just classic.

-The other week in town when we found The Sig Door.

-A while ago when we were playing Singstar & Becky said, "the mic's broke coz it's sayin I'm awful!"

-This is kinda Vicki's random moment but it was funny when she showed me it as well: When her brother John was sayin 'Leg of lamb' & she recorded it on her fone.

-When Smithers =P (to everyone else - Mr Smith) said something about running about like 'Renegade Indians' today in art

-The way Becky calls Osmund Saddler: Oddler Saddler, hehe. (Oddler Saddler is da paddler....ha)

-When we (mostly Becky...) were discussing all the ways different people would get across the ocean & thinking of 'Leon' merchandise...

-When I was watching Invasion a while ago and the sheriff dude shouted at the man, called Lewis, coz he was about to get taken by the alien thingys, "LEEEWWWWIIIIISSSSS!!!!!!!!!!" =] I just started laughin randomly & my mum & sister just looked at me.

-Ages ago in art when we were all talking about whether we say 'Dad or 'Daddy' (pffft!) and Vicki just came out with "I call him....father...." It was just darn hilarious!

-Becky's stories: The Unknown Title, Sugar Puffs and her new one (currently in production, natch) Grapes. Heheheh...by the way you may as well know that the titles have pretty much nothing to do with the stories, lol.

-When we were playing The Mercenaries mini game on Resident Evil 4 yesterday in Vicki's and we were just *screaming* and running away from the giant Dr. Salvador and seeing if we could last till the time ran out. Hehe.

-When I just started laughing hysterically in Vicki's and she recorded it on her fone =-]

-The way Vicki eats (yes, EATS!) Bonjela. Apparantly it tastes nice...

-Vicki's random moment: (what she actually told me on msn. Yeah, I couldn't be bothered so just copy&paste'd) yesterday me john sammi n me mum were walkin to gamestation on lord street and this girl and boy about johns age walked up 2 john n sammi n went can we hav a random hug n john went no n j+s started 2 walk away n the lad shouted 2 john sexy hoodie by the way n john went thanks (by the way, John is her bro. and Sammi is his girlfriend)

-Another Vicki's random moment: (again, what she actually told me on msn) sammi was wearin a trivium t-shirt n we walked past this lad n he done that little rock symbol thing with his hand n shouted trivium

-Becky's version of The Merchant *laughs* ("strangah! STRANGAH!!! Now thats a weapon!" Hehehe)

-The way I know all the words to the last part of the Lost episode where Boone (RIP) dies.
KATE: "Jack, Boone died."
JACK: "He didn't die. He was murdered..."
KATE: "Jack? Where are you going?"
JACK: "To find John Locke..."
(I'm sorry but I just had to type it out, it makes me smile)

-Bitores Mendez is the Village Chief.....don't ask me why I find that so funny....

-Resident Evil 4: The Musical. STARRING: Leon S. Kennedy as Leon S. Kennedy, Ashley Graham as Ashley Graham, Ramon Salazar as the funny little guy in the corner with a hole in his hand.....and so on. Hey, I could turn this into a play or something.....yeah!, a play or something......oooo, I got some ideas floating in my head.... -.- anywho.....I just gotta write what I sung when I was playing The Mercenaries before: "Don't you dare throw that axe, or I will blow your head right off...." Lol, it was just funny at the time. And I was thinking that Ashley should be singing that song off the 'Aunt Bessies' advert, y'know that ends with "I dont care how you get here, just get here if you can", while she's waiting for Leon to rescue her, hehehe! !!WARNING!! CRAZINESS TAKING OVER! THIS COMPUTER WILL SELF-DESTRUCT IN 5 SECONDS!!!! >_>

-When Becky said randomly, "Fagin will be pagin" (I know thats most definately spelt wrong) when we were watching Oliver Twist.

-When Steph was telling me about the "aye, aye, aye!" woman (ages ago) and today in art me, her and Becky were having some conversation about Stephs aunty and we just kept saying 'The "Aye, aye, aye!" Woman' (by the way if Steph reads this I'm sorry if it sounds like from what I've wrote that your aunty is the "Aye, aye, aye!" woman, I know she isnt) *^_^* <- luv dat!

-Ages ago in I.T when I was laughing and then I went "ha ha ha HOOOONNNNNKKK!" Heheheh...

-When Becky went to hit the tennis ball in P.E and it got stuck in the racket -When Becky called Wesker 'Uncle Wesker' by mistake. Come to think of it she gets lots of name wrong, lol. There's Oddler (Osmund), Cruiser (Krauser), Young George (Boy George).....hehe. Oh yeah and after calling him 'Uncle Wesker' she called him 'Uncle Albert' XD bless. And now she's calling Alfred Ashford 'Albert Ashford'. Sigh.

-The way I can't help but laugh whenever I see Big Phil Chidwick... -When I was running round in the shadows with an imagianary gun in in Stephs >_> Its ok, I know Im weird.

-When me & Craig where playing Worms on the PSP & Craig was gonna teleport his worm, 'Barb', onto a ledge & I went "I bet ya you'll fall off into the water now" just messin about then he teleported her & she did fall. Oh my god it was funny!

-When Carina asked us about the Leon Burnside Bebo account.

-"Wibble wobble, wibble wobble Big Phil on a plate."

-When we were in Vicki's once & I was sayin 'wa wa wa wa wario' & then Becky went 'why dya have t-wa wa wa wa wario' and Steph was acting like a dog ("woof woof!") and Vicki had recorded it all on her fone.

-When we were in Vicki's, as above, and we were all singin at about 4 in the morning. Steph was going - "Why dya wanna poster?", Becky - "wa wa wa wa wario" and me, "Sherbet Land" heh heh...

-Yonks ago when Craig said "now I'm gonna pick up the pace & fly!" (dont ask me why...) and I thought he said "now I'm gonna go pick up the basement fly!" I was like "we don't even have a basement!!!" Classic.

-When I kept goin to Steph "Its'a me, its'a Mario!"

-The other week in art when Becky said "its £1.99" (or something along those lines) and I thought she said "its mighty fine!".

-When we were in town just before and some scary woman who reminded us of Mrs Hadri came up to us asking us to donate to some charity. Scary, I tells ya. ("Leon? Who is Leon?" lol)

-The Pokemon song video-thing on my bebo homepage XD

-Ape Escape 3 and all the crazy trimmings - "NOOO! MR AFRO!!!", "How DARE you!?", and the cute little robot who stays with Dr. Tomuki when he blows himself up...ahh, happy days....

-Today in town when we were in Virgin & we saw the Resident Evil 4 guidebook thing & Becky got all excited & was like "LOOK!!!" and some lad walking past just stared at us.

-The cowboy hat man.

-Nemi and our tributes to him, written on a balloon...goodbye big guy *sob*...

-The bit on Resident Evil: Apocalypse were Alice gets hit in the face with a bit of helicopter (that squished Nemi..) and me & Vicki thought it was hilarious & we watched it at least ten times, lol. Heh, and the outtakes as well - "Where am I going?", "Elvis?" (L.J!!!), etc, etc.

-When we kept singing the Pokemon song in Vicki's coz it was in all of our heads all nite. Whenever you had just about forgot about it someone would start singing it again and the cycle continues...

-The giraffe with two heads, haha!

-When I was gonna say "Nemesis is gonna take revenge" (or something along those lines) when we were watching Resident Evil and it came out "vengence is...something or other. Just made me laugh, have I ever said 'vengence' in my life!? lol

-The bit on Garth Marenghi's Darkplace where Sanchez starts singin & then Dean Learner just starts rapping in the middle "She's smooth, like ice. Cold to the touch that isnt very nice.."...or something like that. It is funny *^_^*

-"Can ninjas catch colds?" Well I guess a better question would be "Can colds catch ninjas?" <- Just made me smile.

100TH RANDOM MOMENT!!!-In Vicki's the other night when we were playing Mercernaries (in the dark. Oooo, spooky-wooky!)
*Before I carry on can I just ask if I say "spooky-wooky" EVER again, please shoot me.*
Anyways...it was Abby's turn to play and Dr. Sal' was getting nearer & nearer and we were like, "press pause, press pause!! It's the 'start' button!!" but it was dark, of course, and we were all wetting our kec's so Abby was all "I can't find it! Where's the 'start' button!!!?" Aww, made me smile it did.

-Hehehe, when Daxter wakes up from the dream minigame thingys on 'Daxter' and just shouts outloud. For the Matrix one its "I know kung fu?" and the Braveheart one made me laugh too - "FREEDOM!!" =]

-The whole of homestarrunner.com, especially the Strong Bad emails though ;]

-On holiday when dad was saying something about cheese (dont even ask me why) and instead of saying mozzarella (?) cheese, he said something about Buffalo Bill by accident! We were in stitches it was that random!!!

-When we were in Port Aventura and me and Sarah went on the Tutuki Splash (BIG log flume thing) and it broke down when we were on it. Heh, we were soaking wet in this boat with a load of people and about four other boats crashed into the back of our boat coz we were stuck. About six men came to try and push us along but it wouldn't work, lol. It was lookin bleak XP. In the end I think it just started going again but it took long enough! The mine train broke down when we were on it as well. Sigh, we had to sit there for about half an hour lol. The Tutuki Splash break-down was a classic moment though.

-When we went on the Silver River Flume in Port Aventura and on the last dip, because its practically vertical for God's sake! and I was sitting at the front, I just slid forward and smacked into the front of the log. Heheheh.

-The Leprechauns that live in the Arkle's Pub that suck your brain out with metal straws. ("Let me out!" heh)

-'Shrek' on holiday. Awwh it was cruel...

-The hypnotist show in 'Big Al's Bistro' in Salou. The Rocky bit was the best, everytime they played 'Eye of the Tiger' the man who was hypnotized jumped up and pretended to be Rocky. It was hi-larious. =]

-When Reginald went on about trains for the whole flummin' lesson on Friday. Me and Steph were practically asleep it was that interesting.

-When me & Sarah were thinking up decorations & songs she could have for the tropical party she's supposed to be having soon.
Sarah - "Why did you write 'All night long' AND 'Lionel Richie'? You just wanted to write 'Lionel Richie' didn't you?"
Me - *nods*

-Steve, Mini-Steve, Sherman, Marty and Jim - I salute you guys *sob*.

-Yonks & yonks ago when we were playing Boy/Girl in my Uncle's and my mum asked her aunty to choose a number between 1 and 26 (because that was how we were choosing the letter, strange I know) and she said "er....S" Awwh, me & Craig were nearly wetting ourselves laughing. Bless 'er...

-That time when Vicki said she was going to the orthodontist (my day of wreckening comes on Monday, sigh) and I thought it was the place you go to get rid of your verrucas & stuff so I said "Is that to do with feet?" and she was just like "huh?! no!" hehe.

-When Abby was playing Mercernaries and she screamed "I want my mum! no actually I want my dad, he's stronger." Teehee!

-When Craig showed me all the funny piccies of him and his mates. Cheered me up, lol.

-When I went on the teacups with Becky in Port Aventura & her step dad Peter was spinning us so fast I'm suprised we didn't go flying off into space or something. Hehe, my dad filmed it on the camcorder and all you can see is the other teacups just going round slowly and then we come zooming round, crazy...

-"Turn around, every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you're never coming around......And I need you now tonight and I need you more than ev-a!" Hehehe.

-When all my mates came last night and we were all dancin round to the cheese CD and Vicki filmed it on her fone, lol.

-when i ate grapes-becky (rite....-lydia)

-When Adam said in RE yesterday "You better buckle up!" and we just started crying with laughter. ("Okay!")

-Ages ago when Becky slid down the wall onto her backside outside the science room.

-Yesterday when it was pouring and Becky was 'singing in the rain' (getting soaked at the same time, like)

-The ginger-haired man that Steph is scared of. Lol

-When we were in Stephs a while ago, eating tea, and Vicki wiped her mouth funny or something and Steph suddenly made some big massive noise and spat all the coke out on her plate. Weird but funny...

-Becky's (unhealthy) obssession with Leon.

-Engelbert. Humperdink.

-The Resident Evil: Code Veronica video. Hehehe...Steve.

-"Look deep into the parker..." *laughs* (omg, classic)

-Everything else about The Mighty Boosh.

-When we were in Vicki's before and me and Steph were dancing to 'Mickey' and I fell over onto my elbow. The thud out of that thing...

-The 'Funny Impressions' video with the Little Tortilla Boy.

-That time on the radio when someone foned in asking what the Poddington Peas music was so the DJ started singing it and then later on someone else called in and played it down the fone. It was funny, that song makes me smile.

-When we went bowling for Becky's birthday and I was running round leon-style and then Vicki said there'd been a security camera on me the whole time.

-The way Vicki's bed pops up in the corner when you lean on it. (you'd have to see it to know what I mean)

-When I was talking to Jenny on msn and I was meant to say 'sames old sames old' and it came out 'sames old sams old' hahaha!
Ahh...the joy of typo's....

-When we were in Vicki's and she had wrote 'Nemi' on a bit of paper (see somewhere above) and I put it in my pocket in my shirt and Vicki went 'A portable Nemi!' and I replied 'How delightful!' Funny...

-Another Typo Moment: When I was talking to Jenny on msn (as above) and she asked how I was and I was meant to write "I'm good" but it came out "I'm goo" Heheheh, made me laugh it did.

-The 'King Leon S Kennedy the Fifth' song Becky and Steph sang yesterday in art.

-When Vicki said, "I'm being attacked by a door!" (I think) and I thought she said, "I'm being attacked by an orb!" Awwh, I couldn't stop laughing at the time.

-"I am Resident Evil."

-In Juniors when we did the 'True Colours' dance-song-tribute-thing:
"I see your true colours shining through, I see your true colours and thats why I love you, so don't be afraid to let them show. Your true colours, true colours - beautiful LIKE A RAINDOW UP IN THE SKY! SEE-YA! I'm like a bird I always fly away..."
Awwh I miss it so... I think what all started it off was when me & Becky Carey were talking about when we went to Disneyland & before you go into 'Honey, I shrunk the audience' (*quiver*) they play it for some random reason.

-The 'In the beginning...' song that they sung every year at holiday club-thing and me & Lou & Bec thought it was hilarious everytime. "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth....On day one (bom bom) God made light (bom bom bom) Light and God was pleased with all he made..." and it went on like that for ages, lol. It was just funny though. (by the way, we added the "bom bom"s later on, hehe)

-Today when we went on that trip to the TATE art gallery with the school. Funny 'twas. Lol, there was some man there called Stevie and when I first saw him I went "Hmm, I'm gonna call him 'dude'" Me and Vicki just found it funny. Then there was my *little but kinda scary* picture of Vicki, Becky's *huge blue lemon* picture of Diem, Steph's *pig-nose* picture of Becky and Diem's *hi-larious* picture of Vicki (with the bright pink beard). Come to think of it, all the pictures were pretty kool. Omg heh, some woman from Radio Merseyside came in to interview some of us and when she asked Becky a question, instead of just saying "yeah", Becky went "Yes!"

-When Becky said, "Leon is my God, Vince is my lover". Classic..

-The credits music on Judge Dredd. Omg, I thought it was hilarious and then me and Craig went off on one. I was trying to pour milk out and my hands were shaking so much with laughter it nearly went everywhere. Awwh, I hope Craig downloads it.

-Vicki loves Steve's hair. Don't try and deny it! We all know the truth.
Eep, I just know I'm gonna get a smack for this...

-When we were in town the other day and we were playing hide and seek in and around Virgin.

-The man in Alton Towers with the Mighty Boosh t-shirt on.

150TH RANDOM MOMENT!!!-The end of the Ripsaw. Stupid fountains.

-When we were going up the lift hill on Air and me and Becky were singing 'I Believe I can Fly".

-When we went on the River Rapids and Becky got all hyper.

-The Globe People on the 'Heaven is a place on Earth', or whatever, video.

-On the back of the Mighty Boosh DVDs where it says 'coz its comin' at ya like a flannel' on the first series and 'coz its comin' at ya like a shark with knees' on the second series.

-On Friday when me and my mates did our own version of The Blair Witch Project and recorded it on Becky's phone. Ha, still makes me smile. Then when Steph & Vicki left me and Becky did another version of it. Hehehehe

-When we were making The Blair With Project video and we asked if we could have a funny voice. So then Steph said she was gonna have an Indian voice and when we went round saying our names Steph just went "Stephanie Reed" in one of the funniest voices ever. I had to run to the loo I was laughing so much.

-Yesterday in Llandudno when we were just sitting there having a drink and suddenly Sarah proper drops her cup of water and we're all like "what? what?" and she just goes (hehehe) "There was an ant on me!" An. Ant. Sheesh, stupid but it didn't half tickle me.

-The time when Becky just started laughing hysterically when we were in Vicki's and when Vicki asked what she was laughing at she went, "Your wall's purple! I thought it was brown!" Nothing better than a good bit of randomness...

-Ages ago when we were in food and I said, "That seagull's looking at me funny.."

-In school when we used to cry, "IT JUST DROPPED!" because there are loads of seagulls in the yard sometimes and you know what that means for a few unlucky people...

-When Vicki's brother John went through a phase of saying "Tin of beans" when they were watching The Bill.
(Thanks to Vicki for emailing me with the past few moments! You reminded me of "ITS JUST DROPPED!" hehehe)

-In art that time when we had to copy those Japanese drawings and, sorry Becky, but your picture with the man with the removable thumb =P was just funny!

-In school when Jade was looking at the Silent Hill 4 book and when she saw the picture of the little kid she proper screamed. Lol, it was hilarious. The funniest thing was she screamed like 10 secs after seeing the pic, hehehe...silly...

-At the BBQ on Sunday when Megan was sitting there with her nan's coat and glasses on. Lol, it was just funny in a strange-looking kinda way.

-Mount Steve, the Hole, and King Leon V's castle that we build in New Brighton.

-When me, Becky and Steph were walking in the rock pools on the beach and I spotted a crab. We thought it was dead so Steph picked it up but then the claw (or something) moved and we proper screamed and Steph just threw it and I was like "Where did it go!?" coz, c'mon, who wants a crab on their leg?! something...

-"Is your leg vibrating?" (sorry if this is already on here but I cant be bothered checking. Wonder if the monkey will...? *banana to the face* ow, maybe not...)

-"When I was a boy I ate 12000 kebabs every morning to help me get large,
But now Im a man I eat 10000 more,
So Im roughly the size of a barge....
No one's as,
BIG as Gaston,
No one's as
FLABBY as Gaston,
No one's neck is incredibably
THICK as Gaston,
And I know I can bounce to the moon and back,
No one's as big as Gaston!!"
There is also a dance/play-type-thing to go with that lol. Created by Bec and/or Lou, tee-hee.

-When I wrote '**I love the chosen one, loving him is so much fun!**' on my msn name thing but then decided to change it to '**I love the chosen one, loving him is fun fun fun!**' but it came out '**I love the chosen one, loving him is so un!**' and it just made me start laughing hysterically for some mysterious reason. Strange the things you do when you're bored...(plus you waffle, as shown here so clearly)

-When Steph said, "I had a big indian last night, not the person." haha

-The legendary samosa.

-Mine and Craig's hatred for the evil Thorn. Damn you Thorn...

-When Becky wrote on her Bebo profile (what she actually wrote) "my new nickname is bert as i am now a man along with leon(lydia), vince(vicki),jeremy(jenny g)and simon(steph)and other people,.lol."
Strange girl...

-The videos we made in ours today. Hehehe! Classic! I love dressing up! The 'Fatty' ones were hilarious =] Steph looked like Mr Goodman (no offence Steph lol) and we were all saying stuff like "I've ate 13 Big Mac's already and I'm still hungry!"

-When me and Steph were playing that ping-pong type game on Singstar 80s, lol.

-The man on the video for 'Brass in pocket' with that man that goes "special!" round the corner of his news paper. Hehe.

-Valhalla. You may as well swim through it. Ha, me & Sarah went on it at the same time as these lads (they didn't have a poncho...) and they mustn't have been on it before so when we all got socked they were proper like "*gasp* oh my God..!" Lol, it was funny.

-My rain poncho! It's boss wearing it!

-When we were walking through Blackpool Pleasure Beach when it was closing and this man who worked there (coz there was this funky music playing) just done some weird little dance move thing infront of me and my dad and walked off. Hehe, my dad went "what's he on?" but then like 2 minutes later both me and him were messing round dancing in the fair. Lol, we must of looked like saddo's but ahh well.

-When we were waiting to go on the Big One and they said it was the last car (coz it was like 9pm) so we were all like "aww" but then once the ride had finished and we were about to get off they said "wanna go again?" and we're like "yay!". Heh, even though I've been on that ride like 7 times I still get scared at the top =]

-"The un-dead can not die!!!! *whack!*...maybe they can..."

-And now a R.M brought to you by Vicki: "I was watchin Corrie the other night and they were orderin a takeaway and Sally goes "Get Rosie 2 of them vegetable samosas" and I started laughin hysterically and my mum gave me a weird look"

-Vicki: Robyn was playing a game and I started laughing at her because she died and she turned round and went "Can I snap your legs?" and I just thought i was hilarious.

-The lad off some Feeder video that looks the spitting image of Craig. Everytime it comes on we just burst out laughing.

-The Men in Black/Kung fu fighting/simpsons/Thriller dance-thing we used to do in Juniors.

-At my birthday partys when dad used to tell us ghost stories. Awwh, the rat up the curtain!!...brings it all back...

-(These next few are gonna be from when me and Vicki went to town) When we were play on Brain Training on the DS in GAME and Vicki's brain age was in her 80s (but then it went down to 50s the 2nd time round) and mine was in my 60s. lol

-"Ow! My kidney!!!"

-When we were just wandering round the new Quiggins for ages and we were saying "Every half and hour the people on the till will just see us going past" because we were going round and round in circles.

I'm sure there loads more random moments that make me laf but I cant think of them at the mo so thats it for now! (heh heh heh)
Plus, if any of my buds or toasties know anything to add - make a comment! My mind always goes blank when I'm typing stuff up!
Thankies in advance x

NOTE: the counter thingys (e.g. 100th random moment) are probably not exact because counting all of that if pretty tough. They are just approximate.
We are currently at 187 moments! Woo!